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Who is the Arkham Knight: I think its a little hard to review the game as you might not see all the hidden things until you have played the game over and over. Its not justice for a game to play it once.  I’m really happy to have finally finish Batman: Arkham Knight. It was the most satisfying and punishing game of the franchise.

With the introduction of new gadgets, bat mobiles and characters Rocksteady Studios Arkham Knight give the best console gaming experience in 2015.


You will find the city of Gotham in relative peace when you step back into the boots of batman. Because in Gotham nothing stay calm forever. This time breaking the peace is the deviously sinister Scarecrow (voiced by John Noble) who unleashed a plan to rule Gotham with his signature of brew of fear gas.

To further his own end, Scarecrow all of Gotham notorious villains such as Two-Face, the riddler and the penguin in the Batman backyard. Every villain has its unique story-lines that Batman can fight through in order to prevent their maniacal plans.


The most mysterious and notable villain is newly introduced Arkham Knights. To crush the Dark Knight he become the number one partner of Scarecrow in their attempt. Through out the whole campaign you will gradually unravel his true identity. In the beginning its feels like something of a treat, but you do not have to be in the world best detective to make an educated guess early on. And this identify is very easy at the end pf the game.

Arkham Knight focus at what many single players focused game fail to achieve. Playing the game is like compiling the story. Being a Batman you will have access the most of the previous gadgets and tools he used in prior Arkham games .


The highlighting of Arkham Knight is very soaring through Gotham skyline for me. Crunching the  bones and landing on the goon of their fellow henchman. The game is of the most fun when you are playing the game himself as a Batman, patrolling the streets of Gotham city. After all these years the hand to hand combat has been perfect, and the caped crusader even gets a new bat-suit in to the storyline.  The new armor allow him to strike harder and move faster than his previous protection. It helps show off and looks great how technically impressive Arkham Knight truly is.

Even despite my few minor grips, Batman Arkham Knight must have own for any gamer who has either the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox one.

The game is perfect but the overuse of batmobile and the slow loading might ruffle a few features. Still if you are still deciding on a game to get you through the winter Arkham Knight is the clear winner.

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