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 Coffin Dodgers Game Free Download: Coffin Dodgers is a free video racing,shooting game which is developed and published by the  Milky Tea Studios. Coffin Dodgers game is one of the best game having non-stop entertainment in the game.This game was released on 8th July,2015 for Microsoft Windows.


Brief Sketch of The Coffin Dodgers Free Game

Coffin Dodgers ps4 game is entertainment full game I have ever watched in racing-shooting games category.The game has out-standing graphics and animations.The background effects and sound systems are somewhat more different from other’s games of Racing nature. Actually in the game the main idea is about the racing scenes like when you begin to race the way in which you save your life and get points to be a successful racer of the game.


In the game Coffin Dodgers london there are about seven players available to have race on them you can select any one of them to have a great race.These Seven players are actually the villagers and they use weapons to save there lives on riding over a scooter.The Scooters are of amazing  designs and you will simply love to play the game with having a lot of features as well.There also some good racers as well in the game and it’s very hard to have a race with them and win the game from them.So you will be very careful in the game for winning it.So it’s your’s choice to select the best villager for your race.


The players in the game have also amazing weapons which are actually home made weapons.They play with their weapons to attack on their enemies or Zombies and to reach your’s destination.Some great featured gadgets are also available and you can use them also.In the game coffin dodgers xbox one the tracks are added which are also amazing to watch and play having a good scooter.There are almost 4 Tracks where you can play the races and there are also some tournaments where you can participate and win the races to move forward to the next available levels of the game.


System Requirements of Coffin Dodgers Game:

  • OS: Windows 7/8
  • RAM: 4 GB is Recommended,(You can use 2 GB as well)
  • CPU: 2.4 GHz is Recommended
  • HDD FREE SPACE: at least 5 GB
  • License: Free


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