GTA IV Download Free PC Game

GTA IV Download Free PC Game: Grand Thief Auto game is the most played game in the world. GTA is not only a game but a complete real life story based on virtual reality. Finally, an exciting version is released by RockStar Games known in the gaming industry as GTA 4.

Millions of copy of GTA IV frees PC game was sold in the first month of its release. GTA IV Download is set in the imaginary state of United State.

The game is made in 3 beautiful cities San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Here I will give you the detail look of GTA IV Download. Stunning games like Sims 4 Free Download and Prince of Persia the Two Thrones are available for free download.

How GTA IV is Better Than GTA V? Watch This Amazing Video:

I will also discuss the strength and weakness of GTA 4 Download full version for PC. The story is amazing and exciting; the characters are voice-over very fantastic.

You will be addicted to this latest version of Grand Thief Auto series. I personally fall in love with this series. You will be really amazed when you look into the graphics of GTA IV Download.

Each and every character, people, cars, building, sea, boats, bikes, police, shops, fight, death, love, and even rain and weather are completely realistic. When I played for the first time, I just shocked.

Really I forgot how to explain GTA IV features. The game is completely open world and based on reality. It’s a very straightforward game and does not lead to a deep suspense or deep end.

GTA IV Download free pc game

The developers would be amazing! Because the game is design for all age of people. I have seen aged people that are crazy about GTA IV Download.

And weapons! Haha, No GTA game review would be complete without discussing the game’s weapons. Yes, there are more new weapons than the previous versions of this whole series. I personally love the fight and using weapons in all GTA games.

I was a kid when I start playing Grand Thief Auto games. I remember all the missions and fights in Grand Thief Auto and GTA 1. It’s a highly accurate game and having no errors. You can explore all the three beautiful cities without any restrictions. Download GTA 4 Download Android apk For Free. Click on this link.

You can shop everything that you need. For example, you can buy skydive, tattoo, smoke cannabis, go to the cinema and even eat burgers or some other things to boost their energy. With this game, you can explore a lot of places even mountains, fly in air using skydive and other cities.

You will feel the real fun when you install GTA IV on your PC. GTA is the real world experience that everybody needs to play. The story is endless.

GTA IV Download free game

I personally feel the real fun when I break the law, stealing cars, snatching things and killing people. Fight with police is my favorite hobby. You can do anything that personally does in real life. This time each and every part of the game is based on realism.

I’m really impressed by GTA IV Download. There are several reasons of my interest in this game. First I like things that are limitless. Second I believe in real things, other games like to play with cartoon are not interesting. Here the reason is everything is real and limitless.

Third I like bossy character. Do whatever you want. Forth, missions are very fantastic. Some are easy and some are hard. And one more thing, Wow! Watching TV and listening to the radio is an extra fun. About 80 TV channels and 160 radio stations are available in GTA IV free Download.

View of the game is the third person and character control is very fantastic. Proper arranged on the gamepad and allow nice management of each character. Big thanks to Rock Stars games for such an amazing edition. I just love to fly and so much crazy about flying in Helicopter.

GTA IV Download free

I always use a helicopter at least one time when I play Grand Thief Auto IV and for by road journey I prefer Ferrari. Most of the players are crazy about making money through different ways. I also like to do so because I like shopping dress and weapons.

This game is the best of all the time. A high level of artificial intelligence is used in GTA IV Download. The player can use mobile to communicate with their friends and fellows.

Police are more active and dangerous. GTA III had some flaws like the imperfection of graphics, which are covered in this edition. I recommend this action game to all of the fans or who want to try their hands to do something different. Play GTA 4 and enjoy your life.

Map of GTA IV:

GTA 4 has a very comprehensive map that keeps track of everything. Show a very correct and fix location consist of all the cities in the game.

The map is same as the real map of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Some of the cities in the map are locked at the start of the game will be unlocked gradually as you passes a few missions.

GTA IV Download free for pc

Unique Features of GTA IV:

  • Completely real and amazing graphics
  • Fantastic open world game
  • Crazy missions you have not seen in other versions
  • Eleventh installment in the GTA series
  • Both adventurous and action game
  • Multiplayer mode available


Predicted System Requirements of GTA IV Download:

GTA 4 PC has possibly the system requirements like Call of Duty 4. Keep in mind that your system requirements match the following requirements. Ocean of games suggests the following minimum system requirements.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 or Windows Vista
  • Processor: INTEL Core i52.4 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB Memory
  • Dual Core Processor is best
  • Free Space: 8 GB Free Space
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 Or above

Recommended Requirements for GTA IV Download:

  • Processor: Dual Core 2.4 GHz or Higher is recommended
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Free Space: 8 GB Free
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 or above

These specifications are not officially recommended, but they are fine. If you have minimum specifications you can run GTA IV Download on your device.

Download GTA IV Free From Ocean of Games:

Are you ready to download GTA IV free now? Yes, because we brought GTA IV full version free. Just click on the below blue buttons download the game in few minutes.

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