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Freedom Fighters Game Free : Freedom Fighters is a third person shooter game released in 2003 for the play station 2, Microsoft Windows and GameCube. Freedom Fighters game was developed by IO interective the Denmark based developer most recntly known for Hitman on the PC for console, using 3D Glacier, and was published by Electronics Art. The game blends reality and fantasy in a fashion most similar to Hitman’s futuristic take on the assassin trade. Its one of the most popular game in the catogory fo actiion games. You can download Coffin Dodgers Free Download

Game Play:
Freedom fighters game, at its core, is a standard third person shooter game. Players can take a rifle, pistol, sniffer magnum or sub-machine gun for a mission. In Combat, Stone can fire his gun and also can increase the accuracy by zooming in on target by holding the gun on eye level. This scene switches the combat perspective to a differsnt behind-the-shoulder view that later appear in Dark Sector, Gears Of Wars and Resident Evil 4.

One of the most important item in Stone’s possission is the healt pack. Stone can take a number of health packs into the battle depending on the difficulty level. The interesting scene in freedim fighters game free download is Stone can use health packs on wounded civilions squad-mates spresd through out the various level. Through out the game at the charisma meter fills Stone will be able to enlist the support of more members of the resistence.

On maxing out the charisma meter Stone can lead fourteen fighters into battle against the Russians. The tactical combat is where freedom fighters differentiate from other shooters. Stone can issue one of four commonds on his squads. The Defend commond has effect on the illies to hold the possion at all costs. The Attack commond has the function to cause illies to take cover, advance forward and open fire at the enemy.  Here is the latest game Tekken 5 Game Free Download


Taking to the role of Christopher Stone, players evolve from an average New Yorker citizen into a fearless and brave patriot who leads an army of freedom fighters in the streets of New York. Freedom Fighters combines the depth of a squad-based game with the reality of an action-packed war game that situated in the streets and buildings of the Now-York city.

Artificial Intelligence:
In freedom fighter game the success of the squad tactic machanic is due to the large part of the game surprisingly competent AI. AI-controlled companions in Freedom Fighters Unlike many early attempts at Squad Tactics, utilized a strong artificial intellengence system that prevent many of the hang ups in other games that featuring tactics. Using artificial intellegence Stone Resistence fighters can run into their location quickly and they’re very adept in using cover.

The Freedom Fighters first original sound-track was composed by Jesper Kyd, and relaesed by Nano studios. Interesting, it was the Best Sound-Track of the year and Best Music of the year 2003. Freedom fighters game free download sound quality was also amazing, both for game’s Russian-influenced music and the the realistic combat noises, which would adds a great level of drama to the proceedings.

Freedom Fighters got generally positive reviews with an average rating of 81.5/100 and 82.69% overall by GameRanking. It was praised for having an outstanding AI for squad tactics, which served to increase the sense of immersion in “extremely detailed” environments and maintain the illusion of working with a great team.

The graphics of Freedom fighters game are comming together nicely. The game will take place in different enviroments, ranging from urban enviroments to indoor enviroments. Most part of the game takes place in New-York city, including area like Bronx and Manhattan. You’ll also see a few spectacular explosion in the game. Since many of Freedom Fighters’ environments will have a lot of discarded flammable things and derelict vehicles that can blown up to cause severe damage to all nearby enemies. The GameCube version of this series isn’t quite there yet, but it’s looking very sharp.

Multiplayer Support:
Freedom fighters game can suppot up to four players via split-screen mode on the console versions.
Varied Arsenal:
Variety of weapons including rocket lunchers, rocket propelled grenades, machine guns and Molotov Cocktails.
Squad Based Game Play:
It was the first-paced squad base video game that enable multi players to recruit and lead upto 12 freedom fighters into battle.


Freedom Fighters Cheats:

1) Rifle: ioirifle
2) Sniper Rifle: ioisniper
3) Shotgun: ioishotgun
4) Slow motion: ioislowmo
5) Fast motion: ioifastmo
6) Invisibilty: ioiblind
7) ak47: ioiak47
8) Hgun: ioihgun
9) Rocket launcher: ioirocket
10) Unlimited Ammo: ioiammo


Freedom Fighter Game Info.

Game Name: Freedom Fighter
Genre: Shooter
Release Date: September 26, 2003
Graphics: High Class
File Size: 181 MB

Audio: Classic
Mode: Single player and multiplayer


System Requirements:

Window: 98/ME//XP/2000
RAM: 128MB
Processor: 733MHz
DVD-ROM Drive or 4X CD-ROM
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Graphics Card: 32MB Direct3D with Hardware T&L capable video card with DirectX 8.0 or higher
Mouse and Keyboard


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