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God of War 2 Free Download: God of war games series is one of the most astonishing revenge based action games so far. God of War 2 is the most played and famous game in the series of God of War games ever published in the action gaming industries so far. God of War 2 was officially launched in 2007 which is published by one of the most astonishing gaming industry name as Sony Computer Entertainment in the Mid of 2007. God of War 2 have a beautiful and interesting story line, as the whole game is made over a single story of revenge. You have to take the revenge from your enemies.

god of war 2
In the game God of Ware 2 walk-through, you may come across different story lines. But the main story line of the game is to take the revenge from your enemies as you have been beaten by your enemies in the previous series of the game name as God of War 1 which was also one of the top class series game ever produced in this beautiful of God of War. Several people, or you can say gamers are always is in search of the games cheats, like they go to google and type as God of War 2 cheats and they get the cheats in seconds. There are several sites where you can find the cheats for your weapons handling, your health and your game level etc. Here are some god of war 2 cheats that you can note it with yourself and type it during the God of War 2 Gameplay. You can also Watch Dogs Download Free PC Game

God of War 2 Cheats:

You can type and apply these cheat codes during the God of War 2 Gameplay, However we added a trailer of the game as well where you can easily watch the whole God of War Gameplay in a moment before installing and downloading the game in your pc.

god of war 2 free

Athena: By this Cheat Code you can finish the game over Titan mode.
Blade of Olympus: This is for Bonus Play.
Cod of War costume: Amazing Cheat code for finishing the game in any difficulty situation.
Dark Odyssey: Wow! One of the Interesting cheat code for completing the game in Super Mode.

And you can also search for some more cheat codes as well. You will get a lot of God of War 2 Cheats codes which you can easily type that codes in the God of War 2 Gameplay and you will be amazed to see the effects of that cheat codes.
In God of War 2 walk-through you will come across the different and interesting characters in the game. Two of them I remember are Kratos and Ares, Oh Yeah! How can I Forget them, actually playing the previous game name as God of War ps4 I remembered that Kratos was defeated by the Ares(One of the Strongest and Powerful Character ) of the game. Now this time in the God of War 2 game you have to defeat your enemy name as Ares. For this you have to be more careful because he was the only character, or you may consider the Powerful character in the game who defeated your character.

god of war 2 free download
As You Know the Krakatoa has no such special weapons for competing his enemies in a good way. As all of the weapons was lost in the previous version of the game name as God of War I. Now this time you have to defeat your enemies with your less and not special weapons. You can also download Ocean of Game God of War from our site as well.

Features of God of War 2 Game 2007:

  • Amazing Graphics.
  • Great Sound effects is added this time.
  • New Weapons are available in the game.
  • Your Enemies are more stronger than you.
  • Your Enemies have latest and powerful weapons.
  • Background effects are amazing.
  • Simulations are stunning.
  • Your Character is Kratos.
  • Main and Powerful Enemy is Ares.
  • Now you will have opportunities to improve your skills.

Systems Requirements of God of War 2 Game free Download:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • RAM: at least 1 GB
  • CPU: 2GHz (Corei3 is Recommended).
  • Graphics Card such as Nvidia is Awesome if you have in your system.
  • HDD Free Space: at least 2 GB free

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