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GTA 1 Free Download : Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 1 is one of the most interesting game in the whole. It was released in 1997 for PC and Microsoft windows and it is selected as open world action-adventure game that was developed by DMA design, Visual Sciences and Tarantula Studios. It was finally published by ASC games and BMG Interactive in PC. You can download Freedom Fighters Game

gta 1 free
General Overview of GTA 1:

In the general overview of GTA 1 free download game you can see how the cars and roads are small. In this first installment, it was just published in PC for the test. These small cars and buses can be seen easily on the way and you can also see the taxis running on the road.

Game Play of GTA 1:

There are three about leaders in the gta 1 Street gang that C.J. will often work with, his brother Ryder, Sweet and Big Smoke. Together they will paint over perform drive-bys, graffiti and attack the Ballas. The most important point is they wish to have all of the crack dealing, which is done by the Big smoke, out of their neighborhood. So, not surprisingly, they want to go looking and find the major dealers and work to convince them of all the errors in their judgment. On their to do list there is recruitment of new members for their gang.
In the game play you don’t only get the ghetto parts of Los Angeles, you will get the rich parts as well. You can ravel up and down these areas, killing people on the streets, driving and you may soon be rolling in the dough. These people have a lot of money. You can use this cash to build up on your real estate, wardrobe or weaponry. In the same way you can also make money by performing vigilante missions, fire-fighter missions, taxi mission, ambulance missions, etc.  You can download Tekken 5 Game Free Download


gta 1 free download

You will not only do you get money for doing these works, but if you complete all of the important levels, then you will get a good reward at the end. For example, if you complete the fire-fighter missions you will become fire proof. In the same gta 1 free download game There are also other interesting mini games to try that don’t give you only as good rewards, but are still fun like dancing, racing, and other contests. With all of these games and all of the side missions this game can take forever to fully complete.


GTA 1 Free Download Game consists of six levels. These levels have been divided into three fictional cities and player is given a task which he have to complete for getting points and for acheiving to the next level. Each level has got a different scene and its own ingredients and different set of mission. The interesting part is each level starts with a telephone box.

gta 1

GTA 1 game consist of 8 characters in which four of them are male and remaining are female characters. The player is open to move all over the city and he can gain points by destroying different things that come their way which is amazing. Different tasks have different effect on your points.

How To Download GTA 1?
Now you can download Grand Theft Auto 1 (GTA1) from Ocean of games for free. We have provided a direct link, so there is no need to worry about the links, its straight forward. Just click on the link below to began your file getting start.

System Requirements:

Operating System = Windows 7, 8, Windows XP, and Windows Vista
RAM = 256MB
HDD = 500MB
VGA Card = 16MB
Keyboard and Mouse

Download GTA 1 for free:

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