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Tekken 3 Game Free Download: Tekken 3 is the best selling production of Namco available in the arcade in 1998 and on the playstation in 2000. Its the 3rd franchise of the tekken series.  Tekken 3 game free is very different than the last francheises. There is a larger selection of tekken 3 characters than in any privious game in this series, with a huge 32 distict characters available to pick. You can also download Tekken 5 game for free from Ocean of Games


The game is also cradited with being the best graphics in the whole series, thanks to the quality for the graphics. The graphics has a good affect on the level design. For example in one level where you are fighting in a wide green field at night time, with a purpule beautiful sky above. This take the game to whole different level that surly improve the playing experience. Tekken 3 game free download is consider the best game in the series of tekken game. It maintain the fighting system and the previous concept but there is a great improvement in the graphics, animations and modern music. The big change in the game is the jumping is toned down and no fighter wil jump to extream hight.

tekken-3 game for free

The characters in tekken 3 game are extemly excellent and interesting. For example, Yoshimitsu is easily one of the most excited and original character in this fighting game ever. He is the single character in the game to have a weapon, like sword. Despite being a robot tekken Yoshimitsu retains the Japanese sense of humour and nobility. Yoshimitsu can be seen throught out the series.


Other interesting character in the tekken 3 game is Hwoarang. He is loved by many, as he can produce some of the most deadly, interesting and dazzling combos in the entire game. My favorite of his combos is the ‘bicycle kick’ one, where he flicks his opponint up in the air, much like how a football palyer would do. In tekken Hwoarang is known for his Tea-Kwon-Do movies, and the unique style of fighting, that no other caracter in the game possess.


The most serious character in tekken 3 game free download is King. King can easily be identified as he wearing tiger mask on his head. And fighting in the luchador wristling style. King is the top pick of many of the game’s serious players, as he has a collection of different combo like hold and throws.


You can download tekken 3 game free here and enjoy. The interesting part of the game is different modes. For example practice mode, where you can practice for a good fighting result, a knockout, where you have to fight with all of tekken 3 game palyers and some other interesting modes. To select a fighter and and fight with 10 random players step by step, if you still stand after this fight then you win the game.



System Requirements:

Operating Systems: Window 7, 8, 10, Vista, Windows XP

RAM: Minimun 512 MB

HDD: 200 MB

Video Card: 32 MB

CPU: AMD Athlon Processor, 1 GHz Intel Pantium III

Mouse and Keyboard


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